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The Ruby Fresh Flow Male Wetsuit {V1}


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Because not all wetsuits are made for salt water.

The three points of difference are: Buoyancy • Warmth • Visibility

These three criteria are designed to create a more efficient swim posture, enhance comfort in colder water - to keep you warmer for longer or, to increase swim duration; and lastly - to be seen.

The Yamamoto #39 & #40 neoprene panels have been optimised for buoyancy at specific positions; flexibility in the arm and lats / shoulder blades; and ease of removal, especially across the heel. For those wanting really fast removal, the seams on the forearm and below the knee are taped overlength to allow further cropping of the suit to personal requirements.


  • The general idea of swimming fast is about being streamlined in the water as much as anything else. (OK, you need a great catch too... ) There are a number of aspects as to why this is good. Firstly, swimming fast means you do better in swim races! That's obvious, haha... But also, swimming fast feels good. its as simple as that. That aspect is as important as the speed. The feeling you are swimming well means just as much. To create a streamlined position means altering the swimmers buoyancy profile. Since there has not been a wetsuit designed with a buoyancy profile specifically created for fresh water use, we decided to create one.
  • Generally speaking lakes are colder than the sea. At Lake Wanaka in New Zealand, the water temperatures, at 265m above sea level, range from 8.5°C up to 19°C. But that middle range from 11.5° through to 15.5° is a large part of the year. Numbers of active lake swimmer tend to fall away in those temperatures when 'traditional' swim wetsuits are not really made for any sort of extended time in cooler waters. With Ruby Fresh wetsuits the whole torso section including arms, and the calf panels on the leg feature a layer of Titanium. This reflects between 35% to 40% of generated heat, further increasing the temperature of the trapped layer of water in the suit between the skin and the inner lining.
  • An interesting feature is a need to make the suit as visible as possible, using colour and reflectivity, but maintaining that dolphin-like feel of the Yamamoto SCS smooth-skin layer. By using a pattern of hi-viz dayglo orange silk screened polka dots on one arm and the 'Ruby-Ring' gold on the other, we have attained an increased level of visibility. The alternate colour arms create a 'flashing' effect. The gold SCS Neoprene has a metallic lustre which reflects beautifully in the sun. The orange stands out. Competing in the Challenge Wanaka Full Triathlon 2018 the suit stood out a mile compared to all the other black arms.