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The Ray - Ruby Fresh Goggle - Tint

We're really happy to have this goggle in the stable. Super comfy large gasket around the eye. Large, like, gi-normous lens for excellent all round vision. And it looks great too. Good strap. Good adjustment. Top quality 100%.

  • Grey tint. PU Lens.
  • Easy adjustment on side of goggle for quick and perfect fit
  • Available in Regular Profile Fit
  • Large Ultra Fit gasket
  • Superwide viewing
  • Curved Lens Technology
  • Anti-fog for moisture control
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Comes with exclusive mesh carry bag

We want you to know that we take goggles seriously. We aren't going to use a goggle which is a 'make do'. Just something to have a goggle offering in the overall brand line up. This is a bloody good goggle. It's taken a long time to find and, over time, we hope to further add to its development.

Colour: Single colour offering at this stage. The Ruby Swim Colours - Red, White and Black.

As with The Eta, only one colourway/lens tint option of The Ray is available at the moment. But from one tiny snowflake does the mighty avalanche roar.

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