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The Shine - The Ruby Fresh Inflatable Safety Tow Buoy - Perky Pink

Perky Pink

A Personal  Safety Tow Buoy for swimming.

With internal dry bag space for carrying things, complete with emergency whistle and attatchment loops.

This is the Perky Pink Version but also available in super bright Urgent Orange and Glaring Green. Very Visible...

Twin inflatable bladders for safety redundancy, each with a high capacity inflater / deflater.

Very easy to deflate.

Extremely sturdy. Strong and durable edge construction. Not too big - the 20litre size is just right. A 'Goldilocks' size.

Adjustable strap included from adult down to child size.

A very nice piece of equipment which will last.

Multiple colours to match your swim suit, wet suit or swim cap. It's important.